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No! Pressure alone will only damage the surfaces. Using the proper cleaning agents will remove mold, moss, algae and mildew on the surface.

Location, location, location sound familiar? Depending on several issues, if there are many trees over or around the house this can contribute to algae growth. Monitor the location after the initial cleaning and set up a schedule accordingly.

It could. The siding is overlapping and interlocks with each other so no water can get behind the siding. There are weep holes underneath for moisture to drain as well. It takes a trained technician to wash the siding with minimal intrusion.

No. If the weather stripping, door sweeps and caulking are in good condition there will be no to minimal water intrusion.

Our equipment is designed to apply cleaning agents and water up to 30 feet. Anything over this may result in us needing to use extensions or lift rental equipment.

Make sure all your windows and doors are shut and outside water faucets are working. Remove all potted plants, cushions, door mats, wall mounted flags, clothes from cloths lines, and vehicles from drive ways.

As structures withstand season after season of the elements, exterior walls can become discolored due to dirt, grime, Jet fuel, mold, mildew or other algae growths. John McIntyre Maintenance, Inc. customers will have all of these growths from your building removed or diminished, thanks to our professional grade equipment, effective cleaning agents and years of pressure washing and softwashing experience. Please understand not all stains can be completely removed.

Vinyl siding, wood siding, cedar roofs, asphalt shingles, cedar siding, aluminum siding, decks, porches, gutters, shed, garage, patio, roof, front steps, pool patio, driveway, walkway, sidewalk, rock wall, brick wall, fence, pool patio, screens, stucco, cement, brick, Trek decking, composite decking and wooden staircase. The list goes on. Your customer representative will advise you of either softwashing or pressure washing.

The exterior walls of the building. This does not include interior of gutters, gutter brightening, sidewalks, driveways, pool cages, chimneys, roofs etc.

If done by a professional, if not it can be very damaging to both you and your asset.

One of the most asked questions our customers have is the effects of Power Washing chemicals on their plants, shrubs and lawns. During the cleaning process, bleach can and most often will be used to sanitize (remove) the mold, mildew and bacteria that are on the surface; however, it is diluted when mixed with other cleaning agents and water. When the solution is applied to the surfaces it is diluted to a maximum of 1 ½% for a standard wash. After cleaning has taken place, the bleach actually breaks down into salt, which can be damaging to plant materials. The resolution for this is to rinse plants well and provide them with nutrients.

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