Do you know if your roof is dirty or not? Does it have light streaks running down from a chimney or ventilation stacks? Do you have allergies or have you had health issues due to your respiration? Is your light-colored roof now so dark that it may be contributing to your energy costs? Did you know that not maintaining the cleanliness of your roof using manufacturers recommended cleaning procedures could void a roof warranty?

At Leprechaun Softwash our cleaning solution is strong enough to clean your roof, remove all existing algae and keep algae from coming back for up to 5 years. Softwash is a cleaning process designed to eradicate algae and mildew by using a unique blend of environmentally safe cleaning solutions and low water pressure. Common forms of fungus that grow on homes and other building structures cause varying degrees of discoloration and damage, that may void a building manufacturer’s warranty. To completely clean these funguses and algae from any surface, we use the Softwash treatment that removes the plants and root systems keeping them from returning for a period. Softwash is the only manufacturer recommended roof cleaning process that will not void a roof warranty.